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The Alien Overlord has conquered the Earth and has brainwashed all humans! All except the lone rebel. However, Mister Overlord has a few tricks up his sleeve, including being able to send a command to all humans.

As the alien, send commands to your subjects using Shift + WASDQ. Move your zapping reticle with WASD. Zap a human with the Q button. Be warned - you have three shots, and you lose when you have used all three shots and the human is still alive.

As the human, move about with the arrow keys, and sprint with M. Blend in and try not to get zapped, but if he finds you, you can always try and sprint to get away! You win when the alien has exhausted his shots, allowing you to launch your counterattack!


Concise Controls:
WASD for the Alien
Shift + WASDQ to command your loyal human followers (Shift + move for movement, or Shift + Q to 'split').

Arrow keys for human, hold M to sprint.



Benjamin Andersen
Arran Davis
Michael Ieti
Nathan Situ
Matthew Ooi

Jun Yi
John Bu
Bryan Chong
Donna Dychinco


(pm me i forgot ur name soz!)

Roc Hsiao

TagsLocal multiplayer, party, Stealth, Versus
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and unpack, run the .exe to begin playing! Needs two people.


Simon_Slays_v0.86-2016-07-26.zip 82 MB

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